[When] I learn second language

Learning a second language is wonderful chance to get to know other parts of the world. It teach you how other people think, what they like and even what makes them laugh.

But I do believe that a second language, especially English, has contributed a lot to everybody. Without mastering the English language it is unlikely that have been abroad to travel and pursue study. English has plays a very important rule in academic as well as business lives. Many books to study are written in English, and many jobs vacancies require English mastery.

Even native speakers make mistakes when they write and speak English, even though for beginner. It is quite natural that human being makes mistake. A gentleman is not the one who never make mistakes but the one who learn and improve himself  from his mistakes, and never make the same mistake again.

When I learn second Language, There are many ways to improve English, with speak to people, listen to the radio, watch TV (in English shows), read books, news paper , magazine, etc..and the most enjoyable way is write letter or watch the English movie (for me). To be able write effectively either in English or others, We have to read a lot ! Because without much knowledge we’ll find difficulties what to write and how to support our arguments.

Anyway, by the way...I threat my mind to always  remember, learning another language requires a lot of hard work but also provides great pleasure...And I got it!

Notes: This writing...dedicated for me and myself, to support and encourage in learning English more enthuastic...Hope best of efforts of this and other things.


Ahmad Mu'azim Abidin

Cemungudtt kaka' :D

i like the phrase "A gentleman is not the one who never make mistakes but the one who learn and improve himself from his mistakes, and ... again..."

if a gentleman make the same mistake again, it's look like donkey. Many people says that.

*walah, bener to ra bahasa inggrisku :D


great post Rie, I just realized that this site has been established! Wow, congratulate. Keep writing and writing in the second language is also practiced our selves for a great improvement. :)

Hariyanto Wijoyo

lagi nyari kamus skalian minta bantuin mbah google untuk terjemahkan kedalam bahasa makassar :-)

Ety Abdoel

Your english is good. I hope my english will better day by day so i can write in english fluently. It's nice to know you.

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