Special Tribute To Nelson Mandela

After so long time no publish, and now I share, As many of we know that Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5th, 2013. Then this post based from team at Blog Action Day community are using the moment of his passing to reflect and share their thoughts about what Nelson Mandela meant to them on their blogs and social media profiles. 

Mandela  struggle and sacrifice to end apartheid in South Africa, his powerful leadership of a new inclusive South Africa, and his continued championing of social justice issues during his retirement from public life touched and inspired us all. 

And like Mr. Mandela said:
 “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” 

Lingerie Online

Wanita memang identik dengan hal-hal yang berdefinisi dalam istilah cantik dan Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim  tentunya pengertian cantik dalam batasan yang obyektif,  tidak semata arti gramatikal. Dan jika di kerucutkan, tentunya pencapaian criteria tampil cantik bagi perempuan yang sudah menikah tidak sebatas pada out fit atau pakaian luar semata.  

Dan salah satu perlengkapan yang jadi focus bagi kaum hawa yang sudah bersuami adalah bagaimana bisa tampil charming di pandangan suami. One of them adalah lingerie sexy. Nah lho, jika ngomongin tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan sexy tentu tidak harus berkonotasi pornografi kan? Lha bagi saya, orang yang jenius seperti Albert Enstein itu sexy lho? Atau tokoh kimia Marie Curie yang menemukan polonium dan radium serta mendapatkan Nobel untuk penemuan-penemuanya tersebut. Bagi saya, sosok cerdas dan brilliant seperti mereka adalah orang-orang yang sexy. Horeee…kok jadi nglantur bangets ya?
Pinjam dari SINI
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Dari pengalaman saat beli under wear, seringnya kalau mbeli di mall getu ada saja yang ngliatin, Bagi yang suka risih, tentu gak nyaman jika milih-milih terus ada yang merhatiin kan? Ada cara yang nyaman dan bikin leluasa jika kita mau pilih-pilah lingerie yang kita inginkan: belilah lingerie Online. Dengan belanja lingerie secara online, dijamin gak bakal ada yang reseh atau usil ngomentarin aksi kita pilah-pilah pakaian special tersebut. Ada yang sudah sering belanja lingerie secara online kah? Selamat berbelanja lingerie….

No Title

I believe everything happen actually very reasonable and for right purposes completely. However, when we suppose to share positive information. I mean, even if what we share just a little bit word and it make some else become courage to fight and make many efforts in their life. That will be something awe some and fulfill inside us with happiness.

So, let’s happy as always coz life is wonderful gift in every second…..

Note: No Idea to creat new post :>

[When] I learn second language

Learning a second language is wonderful chance to get to know other parts of the world. It teach you how other people think, what they like and even what makes them laugh.

But I do believe that a second language, especially English, has contributed a lot to everybody. Without mastering the English language it is unlikely that have been abroad to travel and pursue study. English has plays a very important rule in academic as well as business lives. Many books to study are written in English, and many jobs vacancies require English mastery.

Even native speakers make mistakes when they write and speak English, even though for beginner. It is quite natural that human being makes mistake. A gentleman is not the one who never make mistakes but the one who learn and improve himself  from his mistakes, and never make the same mistake again.

When I learn second Language, There are many ways to improve English, with speak to people, listen to the radio, watch TV (in English shows), read books, news paper , magazine, etc..and the most enjoyable way is write letter or watch the English movie (for me). To be able write effectively either in English or others, We have to read a lot ! Because without much knowledge we’ll find difficulties what to write and how to support our arguments.

Anyway, by the way...I threat my mind to always  remember, learning another language requires a lot of hard work but also provides great pleasure...And I got it!

Notes: This writing...dedicated for me and myself, to support and encourage in learning English more enthuastic...Hope best of efforts of this and other things.

[Why] I Fall in love in Math

Figure out about mathematic is very difficult then students tend to avoid and hate it like horrible enemies. And a fact that unfortunately there is no easy way to mastery mathematic. But my teacher had broken those all.

When I was in high school my teacher who teaching   Mathematic have similar characteristic. They are nice, friendly and concern to develop method in teaching based on relationship with student with aims to use bottom up approach to make learning situation more effective and enjoyable for everyone.

Any way, they introduced Mathematic not just about numerals and/or calculation. Doing mathematic is completely like facing a life itself, how we can find the smart solution by combining formulas, comparing method or created a simple step. And it all needs hard effort, passion, patient, diligence, careful, confidence, strategy and always ready to open up mind to receive opinion or correction from the others.

Therefore I have fun with mathematic and try to make it challenging rather than a chore. So I can study mathematic in relaxed way and feel enthusiastic a lot.    I am become really much fired up because every mathematic examination arranging result in parallel class I always reached in the best ten (It’s another fabulous side effect from mathematic that make me become popular in my school).

After years gone by I have graduated from high school, beside I still remember every chapter as well, there is more important that I do understand how helpfully the philosophy I have gotten from loving practice regularly with other keen type of mathematic exercises.

Now, I aware and understand perfectly about the philosophy that I can learn by doing practice regularly with other keen type of mathematic exercises are about how to struggle and survive to make living. I also confessed about statement of my teacher if someone being able to mastery mathematic usually will have good capability in English Language too. If you do your best whatever happens it will for the best.

Life is live with you

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, Love gives you the first experience of being in tune with miracle engine and it gives you the first lesson that you can fall into harmony with someone who has never been part….

Relationship is a mirror, and the purer the love is the higher the love is. The better the mirror, the cleaner the mirror. But the higher love needs you to be open. The higher love needs you to be vulnerable. You have to drop your armor: that is painful and make dry eyes

You have not to be constantly on guard. You have to drop the calculating mind. You have to risk. You have live dangerously. The other can hurt you: that is the fear in being vulnerable. The other can reject you: that is the fear in being in love and Life is live with you.

Then, who’s understand what the meaning of this post? Just Let me know...

#I created this post when mind disconnect with feeling.

Who’s Contribute the Pollution?

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim Life become not difficult when we ensure very problem just a lesson to make us grew up. Or we often heard “Life is easy if you make it easy”. When all people arround the world use this motto in life, then there won’t be crimes because no one have feelings of jelousy. Every one will be happy with what they have. Don’t you agree? If You don’t, Hemm....at least I’m agree. Heheee...yups, it’s definetly because I myself wrote it.

And don’t worry, I won’t write about how to live in happiness. It’s depend on my own choice....I’m sure so many people already known that happy life is never far....it’s already inside of us...in our heart feeling.

So, in this section as a part of my learning to write in English...let me write about [shortly] how we are bombarded how the pollution growing fast and so huge but most of us inclined to close our minds and pretend it isn’t there. I’ll put my self as sample....I should refuse erosols, not using plastic bags when shopping but bring our own bag or basket that made from natural materials. In another case, I should turn off electric equipment when it is not use, etc. The fact, I still do that bad action in my daily even I knew it well. How poor I’m !
And the other fact, commercial companies are the worst offenders. Lately, cars, taxi, trucks, bus, motor cycle and else towards increasing polluition. Like or not, we all contributeb to that damage in this earth. Well, we all need to make a positive life from a small thing we do in daily and absolutely this is need a new frame of mind which won’t accept explanation when we already know it to be nonsense.

The most difficult step is BEGIN or take a START because mostly people will laugh and assume us like an aliens. So, have you understand what the main idea in this post? I do confess.....I’m confuse how to write it more detail.... #Then, I run away quickly!