How Do (Your) Day Dreaming on…

“ Don’t day dreaming…!” I believe we heard it familiar and or many times. And I believe all of us almost in every single day doing day dreams at least once time. Oftenly our parents warn us (their children) when they see we’re sitting alone doing nothing—as we called ‘day dreaming’. Usually people under estimate about day dreaming and prefer to called the person who is spotted to often day dreaming: LAZY. Many people believe that day dreaming like to having an idle status: an activity no result. But, research already found the fact that Day dreams totally not bad, it’s healthy, normal and one the brain’s important and previously unrecognized ways of problems solving.

We can get benefit impact from day dreaming (need to marked: It’s doesn’t mean all day dream is useful). Day dreams become useful when it make you productive after all. Let’s review some famous people who have had productive by day dreaming. Sir Isaac Newton found the law of gravity by thinking about “apple dropped”.  Then the great classic composer Mozart would get the inspiration for his music while he does day dreaming too.

Day dreams usually are defined as involuntary thoughts, something that pops suddenly into mind while we’re doing something else, It is characterized as fanciful. Define daydreams as “have idle status” because we often day dreaming with no purpose or just for sake of self pleasure ( in empty mind ). The typical of good day dreaming is a pleasant visionary mostly wishful creation of imagination. Children tend to Day dreams and become often do it when they are in playground. Day Dreaming can be habit for teenagers as they dream of things more. Day Dreaming will be bad things if turn out to be  habit—do day dreaming all the time nothing else.

Day dreaming appear to be great for our brain such as healthy exercise if day dreaming both relax and stimulate the brain. Researchers have discovered that daydream, far from being waste the time, serve important role in helping person solve their problems. From a book “ You are what you think” there is an explanation between day dreaming and wishful thinking. ‘Wishful thinking is vaguely hoping for circumstances t change, although we don’t really expect them to do so. Day dreaming is visualizing something we would like to have or a state of being we wish to achieve’

Day dreams are often about goals we have that we haven’t yet, achieved but haven’t given up on. It is a kind of light obsession but we still have hope that will come true in many ways. A wise word that I know: There’s not much to do but bury a man when the last of his dreams is dead. Then what are Day dreams for? The function is to thrash over on going concerns at the time when we’re not directly on those concerns.

It is important to know that it’s okay to have wild ideas and Day dreams are the solar energy that we can harness by paying more attention to the result of our thought. Day dreaming is visualizing something we would like to have or a state of being we wish to achieve. So, will you do day dream for brighter future life OR  day dream too much for wasting the value of time? It’s all on Yours guys…. Think, take and choose it which one you concern for great once life. Life too short for “fun” Day dreams

New Day Has Began

First entry to identify and launching my new blog: EV.RIRIEKHAYAN.COM "Love, Live & Life". And this is as a special gift for my birth day, then published on 18-12-2012, at 18.18 PM. Actually, I do create this blog with mainly purpose to Learn English writing ....again and again, So please never mind if there is so many mistake or overlap of the words/grammatical. 

So, here is my first post for my special moment...........New Day and  new chapter with brighter spirits to  be better person.
t took so long pending since I made promise by myself to create this: little bit of Me. So today it gets fulfilled, here is what I think then write it. It has been a pleasure for me to have known I can still write after long time no progress to share like in this my blog. I can tell with supreme confidence that it has really been wonderful feeling  and experience knowing me Myself do write even not good enough, more over in English. I really confess My English such a poor after many years going through.

Well, Here we go..... I am a person like the others who fight in winning by love and affection. I do believe in “giving” first and then try not expecting from the person opposite me. I’ll make it in my nature…even not easy any way.  I suppose that everyone will always like those who are less of jealous and more of praises for others and are helpful & hopeful/optimist in nature.. Hope that The way I am. It’s not only brings happiness to me but fills me with immense pride that I wanna  intend to ..  apart from being a nice person…isn’t it right?

It brings me an immense pleasure when I can give favor to anybody and I love it from my core of heart.  It will brings me sense of honor and joyful if I can render some help/assistance to some else, feel very happy & contented with myself if I can make anybody smile and feel good and happy…The fact, some times without any purpose I made some one laid down and the most painful in unpredictable I made dissapoint so many people arround me or even their tears drop because of Me. I really never imagine in any second, My Mom’s will crying and sadness by me, her lovely daughter.

I just know I wanna make them happy not as to whether I have made u feel happy, comfortable and nice while talking with me. Maybe I will need more time and hard effort again to paint more happy for my beloved people so that I do things accordingly…However I will not let you feel/become sad. That’s for sure..I’m very sure GOD give me the ability to make people happy and comfortable… As well I can do....

GOD has been very kind to me in this life, I can proudly say that I’m one of the luckiest vomen on this earth.. Having great parents especially my mom, tenderness sisters and brothers, wonderful friends who are more of critics than more saying ‘yes’ or just asking (no solution), tremendeous and inspiring environment ...all above by the mercy of God/Allah Ta’ala.

All my wishes have been materialized without crying for them, spending time with love to read, write, listen music and also a simply travel.  
Well, basically I’m very widely and vividly traveled all around the world and will continue to do so against all odds but still running on my minds till this presents. It’s Okay, at least I do have it on by the time. At eventually  meet peoples out there  who really kind and very friendly however when I belong in stranger area and or place. It gives me exposure to different cultures and languages but still not good enough till this present.

I do hope can talk on almost any subject, meet any person on this earth  and interact confidently in any environment and live in any situation... sit, eat & sleep with poorest of poor and make him happy and feel as if I’m part of his system and dance with richest and make him/her realize that I’m elite ( day dreaming, isn’t it? )….All of hopes, plans, efforts, has been possible due to Allah’s/God’s blessings  and love of friends & dear one’s, who have put unquestioned  faith in me and my capabilities.. I was incomplete without you all….

All I have achieved in my life and will achieve further owe to my loved  and beloved ones apart from the invisible authority which is guiding all of us. In any case this is what I’m..that I do have weaknesses..many a millions.. cause I’m still normal human being…getting impatient loosing temper at times..even though I have patience in abundance sometimes lack of persuing things till end…

     Laziness have started learning to keep things tidier..
     though I keep things in satisfactory manner
     but need improvement…
     by the time during a whole in my life.
So don’t get carried away, take care with lots of love and affection. Hope you always enjoy reading my Blog  and all of these take carefully too...